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Origin Story

In the spring of 2003 I searched Google for “trucker hats.” I was 20 years old and had recently purchased a thin blue book called the Hipster Handbook, which later ended up having a major impact on my life, but for now had led me to the trucker hat search after being repeated mentioned in the book. It’s not like I didn’t know what a trucker hat was—although the last time I had seen someone wear one, it was on the short curly hair of a girl named Kiki, turned backwards, in the hallway of my high school. She did not go to my high school, or any high school, but she was there. The trucker hat was a complete anachronism back then but fit perfectly on this girl, with her septum ring, spaghetti strap belly shirt, and 80 inch legwidth raver jeans. I have a good story involving Kiki and a stolen ferret. This particular sartorial event must have been Fall 1999, so the hat had been off my radar for 4 years, and another 10 years before that, if my fashion history is correct. 

One of the results of my hat search was a post, probably about hipsters and trucker hats or something, who can remember. In 2003, reading Gawker felt like a revelation. I was a white, straight, frat boy living in Oklahoma—living a complete lie—and Gawker, with its New York centric nonsense of that time was a shot of heroin. Esoteric media drama, gay gossip, New York inside jokes… I was hooked.

Six months later I moved into my frat house. I had been wearing this white Ralph Lauren baseball hat nearly every day from age 18. I still wore it at my frat house, and to class, and all that. But at home, or when out partying in places I was a stranger, or whatever, I wore my new baby blue trucker hat. My friend Nat had got it for me; he had bought 2 of them on eBay as a package deal for $10. He read Gawker too.

One story from early Gawker days—and I’m trying to find a record of this now and cannot after 4 minutes of trying so I may have the facts wrong—some commenter started posting on a an old Gawker post as if it was his personal blog. It was sort of a genius idea. An old blog post, its comment section dusty and long forgotten, a perfectly good if slightly used canvas for someone to say whatever they wanted to say. If I remember, he kept this up for months, with real honest-to-goodness quality posts, links, all that. Very meta! I remember it being loved when it was discovered.

I don’t think I’ve posted on this mostly pointless image blog/mood board in a few years. I don’t think anyone follows it. Can I write here? Like drawing in chalk on some sidewalk no one uses anymore?


A noose made of Christmas lights

happy new year

happy new year